We are a newly refurbished Arts Centre serving the whole community of Telford and the surrounding areas..

Our Rooms

We have two large rehearsal rooms, 3 smaller classrooms, a vintage-style arts café and plays and scores library.  Teachers and visiting arts practitioners can make use of our office and teaching preparation zones.


Dance Studio

Our main studio is equipped with a Harlequin dance mat, ballet barres and a fully-powered speaker system. 


Digital Pianos

All 5 of our rehearsal studios are equipped with full-size, weighted keys digital pianos, new to TACT in September 2016. 

This means that piano students can use high quality instruments on which to train and accompanists have instruments with industry standard capability with which to work. 


Costume and Props

TACT is also home to a large costume and props department. Our store contains a range of items available for hire for theatrical productions, events or fancy dress.


Trantec S5.3.jpg

Technical Services

TACT has a range of technical equipment, including PA systems, 16 industry-standard radio microphones, a portable lighting rig including moving heads and other items required for theatrical productions and events. We also have a store of music stands, stand lights and digital pianos for bands and orchestras.

We are able to provide full technical services, including lighting design and engineering, sound design and engineering, stage management and crewing. Experienced technical professionals will provide solutions or support for your productions and events.